How to Make a Good Pitch Deck: Tips and Tricks for Creating Your Best Presentation Yet

How to Make a Good Pitch Deck

It’s no secret that pitching your idea to potential investors is tough. With so many things to consider, it can be difficult to know where to start. Pitch decks are a PowerPoint presentations or slideshows with a content outline and supporting visuals. This is a necessary tool for any entrepreneur looking for funding. Failing to make an effective presentation could result in lost opportunities and the failure of your business!

A good pitch deck should include a clear, concise explanation of the problem your company is trying to solve. Be sure not to talk too much about yourself and focus on how you plan on reaching your goal—provide detailed explanations for every question investors might have. Make it easy for them by including graphs or charts that illustrate key points in an interesting way. You can even step back from PowerPoint altogether with animation software like Apple Keynote or Adobe Illustrator!

Pitch Decks

Include numbers when possible (e.g., market size) but be careful not to overwhelm readers with data overload, keep slides brief in order to hold people’s attention span, don’t forget that other entrepreneurs are also competing against you so make sure yours stands out.

Avoid repetition and too much text.

Some other tips for goo pitch deck is to figure out what is the key message? why should investors invest in your company? Also, take the time to get feedback from friends, family and mentors before you go into investor mode about what they liked or didn’t like about your presentation. That way you will get useful feedback about how to make your presentation even better.

The 20-minute format is the most common length for pitch decks but you can adjust this depending on what you are trying to convey as well as your audience’s attention span. If they want more detail then break it up into sections with visuals or five-minute presentations that conclude by summarizing everything within 15 minutes. If you have less than 30 slides do not overdo animation or transitions between slides – especially when they are already full of details.