Solidify New Friendships on Social Media

Engaging on Social Media with New Friends

It can be difficult to talk with new friends you meet on social media. You are not sure what to say, and you may feel like you won’t have anything in common with them. It is important that when meeting someone for the first time, it is best to keep things simple so as not to overwhelm yourself or the person you are talking with.

-Ask them about what they like to do for fun: We all have different interests and hobbies. It’s always a good idea to try and figure out if you share common things with someone so that the conversation will be more engaging! This also helps build trust between each other, as it shows you are interested in getting to know this person on a deeper level.

Charlie Eissa

Charlie Eissa recommends talking about recent events or news stories: Chances are there is something happening in the world right now that both of you can talk about together without feeling uncomfortable. However, make sure not to bombard your friends with too much information at once because then they may not want to keep chatting with you! It might be best just to ask them which topics interest them most.

-Chat about things you have in common: This is a great way to find new interests and hobbies that you may not know anything about. For example, if they say their favorite food is sushi then it might be best for both of you to talk more about Japanese culture!

-Ask questions so that the person can share what they want with other people: If there are any topics your friend doesn’t feel comfortable sharing on social media or just doesn’t want to talk about right now, ask them which ones interest them most or even chat one-on-one in private DM’s instead. It’s always important to respect everyone’s privacy and boundaries when getting to know someone else on social media.